Do you ever feel like you love a good pastry so much that when you find a spot that sells some, you well up a little? If so, you've come to the right place. If not, we hope we can evoke a similar feeling.

HIND started moving from city to city since the age of 2 and hasn’t really stopped. Her favourite thing to do when she was young was to coordinate lavish picnics with a strict “candy only” policy. Somehow she is not diabetic. Learning French from a young age and now working as a French teacher, she developed a gradual love affair with the world of pâtisserie. Having gotten some insight at the William Angliss Institute into what French traditional pastry making entails, she was enamored with the hard work, quality of ingredients and art that goes into making the perfect pastry. You’ll most likely find her sitting in a cafe, sprinkling sugar on top of her cappuccino foam and savouring each spoonful.

JUN grew up on a teeny tiny island in the Pacific called Guam but is now based in Melbourne. An artist at heart, he has always held an appreciation for the thought and time that goes into producing something creative and genuine. This combined with his work in the hospitality industry triggered a newfound interest and admiration for the world of culinary delights. You'll most likely find him ordering a cold drip coffee when a cafe has it on their menu and thinking about what seasonal fruits to cook French toast with next.  

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