South Yarra almost seems spoilt for choice when it comes down to satisfying a sugar craving and Tivoli Road Bakery is one of those spots you can count on to do just that. Owned and run by husband and wife team Michael and Pippa James, this beautifully fitted out bakery and cafe is known for its fresh artisanal breads, its deliciously sweet morning buns and salted caramel donuts, as well as its simply good Small Batch coffee and cold drip. The pair have had extensive experience in the hospitality industry, with a keen eye on bread making and pastry techniques.

The bread selection is impressive and it would be quite difficult to beat the olive bread that is one of the many selections they have on their display. One bite into the loaf and you’ll realise they did not skimp on not only the number of olives but the different varieties of olives too. With the wake of summer, it’s a great little addition to any picnic basket or outdoor gathering.

Tivoli’s donuts are also one of their most popular, with salted caramel being a cabinet regular. What makes it so good is that you can just taste the caramel that came from condensed milk and honestly, who doesn’t love condensed milk?! Other donut flavours usually consist of a fresh lemon curd or something a bit different, such as the PB&J donut which was a true hit.

Whether you’re just after a pastry and coffee to takeaway, or are after a relaxing breakfast or lunch to eat at one of their gorgeous wooden tables outside, Tivoli is a great place to be for it!

Tivoli Road Bakery
3 Tivoli Road, South Yarra
Monday-Sunday: 7:30am-4pm