Lune Croissanterie

Early risers, this one’s for you! Nestled among the quiet residential streets of Elwood, at first glance it may appear unassuming, but don’t let the nondescript atmosphere deceive you. Lune Croissanterie has earned a reputation for selling the best, most flaky and perfect croissant in Melbourne - and they’re only around this neck of the woods for two more weeks before they move on up to Fitzroy (see blurb below)! These days, arriving between at least 5 and 6am is really a must for getting your hands on one of these delicious, fait maison (homemade) pastries as they produce a limited amount each day to ensure that quality and consistency is always kept at its highest.

Once you receive a ticket it's simple - you can go and enjoy the rest of your morning doing as you please but be sure to come back at the time they've quoted for you to purchase their delicious treats!

What is instantly noticeable about Lune is how much they genuinely value each and every person who has come from near or far to try their pastries. Everyone working behind the window is in high spirits and whether it's catching up with the regulars or taking the time to explain how the concept works to newbies, there is a real feeling that they take pride in ensuring the quality of their pastry is not compromised and appreciate the fact that their customers appreciate this too.

Kate Reid, who runs the business alongside her brother Cam, normally sells out of her handmade pastries by 10 in the morning - and that’s at the latest. Reid earned an amazing opportunity to intern at Paris’ highly renowned boulangerie Du Pain et Des Idées after the owner, Christophe Vasseur saw in her a genuine passion for the art of Viennoiserie. It was from these experiences that her wonderful idea to recreate a piece of Paris in Melbourne was born.

Along with the usual flavour combos we see in cafes, Lune definitely isn’t afraid to experiment with different ideas each week to keep it interesting and fun. From the recent Cumuluc Inc. slow roasted lamb shoulder croissants to kaya coconut cruffins, the creative combinations are endless and just so dang delicious.

For some, it will get you hopping out of bed to try these delights for yourself, for others it begs the question: Is it really worth getting out of bed that early on a weekend for a pastry this good?

Uh, yeah. Yeah it is.

update:  Lune will be teaming up with Nathan Toleman (owner of Top Paddock and The Kettle Black)  and relocating to a warehouse in Fitzroy, which will allow them to produce more of their pastries and feed more hungry mouths. We’re excited to check out their new location!